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Tribute to Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison—writer and poet best known for “Legends of the Fall”—passed away on Saturday, March 26th, at the age of 78. He has published over 30 books, including novels, novellas, essays, and poetry. His best known work, “Legends of the … Continue reading

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The Life of a Writer: Reasons to Consider a Low-Residency Program

For many people, this summer will either consist of actively looking for grad programs, or putting off the inevitable.  Hello undergraduate classes of 2014! I’ll be posting a general article on searching and applying to grad schools, but for now … Continue reading

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Truth: A Responsibility of Art

[A/N: Here it is, I promised an article about poetry… so this one has poetry in it, and is about art in general.  Close enough.] I remember sitting in bed in August, back home in Kuwait.  Everyone was sleeping, and … Continue reading

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