Nearing the End of #AsianLitBingo

#AsianLitBingo officially ends on May 31st!

Here’s what happened so far this month:

  • Shenwei created the hashtag and campaign. The other co-hosts and I all listed our TBRs and tried to get more involvement.
  • Some co-hosts generously offered prizes.
  • Lots of you joined in the challenge!
  • The other co-hosts have been posting insightful blog posts, reviews, and author interviews.
  • There were two Twitter chats hosted using #AsianLitChat on the 14th and 20th. Check out the recaps courtesy of Glaiza.
  • And people continue to read and love books.

Still to come: There will be the final #AsianLitChat for the Americas on Saturday the 27th.

And of course, winners will be announced! So get those reviews up!

On my end, things have been hectic. This has been one crazy month! I haven’t been the best host because of my inability to juggle things.

I said goodbye to my seniors on Monday at graduation. Today was officially the last day of school, and I need to get grades in tomorrow. Ending your first year of teaching is like constantly chasing your own tail; it’s exhausting.

But, on the plus side, my juniors were at 80% mastery of their standards, and my seniors were at 90% mastery, so I met (and exceeded) the goal I set out at the beginning of the year. Yay!

However, all of that work made me push aside my responsibilities as a co-host for #AsianLitBingo. I only read the one book, reviewed it, and wrote one post.

So for me, this is my tentative plan:

I’m going to try and cram in the other 4 books in the next few days because I like completing things, and I know I’m going to feel even more guilty if I don’t at least accomplish that.

I’m also going to try and post more, and if I don’t get all my posts up by May 31st, I’m going to just post them in June. I have a few draft posts just waiting in the wings for some final touches and research. But, you know, life just gets in the way sometimes.

I’m also going to try and make it to the final chat, but no guarantees because I start my summer job then… #TeachersArePoor

Over all though, I’m so thankful for this challenge and the opportunity to read books by people like me.

I want to thank Shenwei, Isabella, Glaiza, Janani, Wendy, CW, Sophia, Mish, Hazel, Sue, Cassidy, Stephanie, Anisha, Sinead, Aila, and Aentee for being amazing hosts and bringing this idea to life.

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